Attractions at the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

If you are venturing out on a vacation to Las Vegas then the Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas can prove to be a one stop solution to meet all your accommodation and entertainment needs. This hotel has a stupendous musical fountain show which is one of the main attractions of this hotel. He musical shows are conducted on all 5 days a week from Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm. The botanical gardens consist of rare and exotic variety of flowers and plants that are exclusive and rare to find elsewhere. It is indeed the ideal place to visit for people who have the green thumb and have their way with gardening. One can eventually explore the wide variety of shrubs, creepers, crotons and flowering plants that are grown in the botanical gardens. The Bellagio Hotel  Las Vegas also features a gallery of fine arts where in the portraits and paintings of world famous artists such as Picasso are displayed with pride and dignity. Coming to entertainment, the hotel features a grand night club where a DJ plays some of the popular tracks to which the youngsters dance all night long. The night club is well designed with colorful interiors and it also has a bar counter that offers some of the finest drinks that suit the connoisseur of wines. This hotel is the best place to rejoice your much awaited vacation.